PBT resin are melt-extruded into filaments, cooled in water, stretched, and annealed in hot-air chambers. These filaments have good dimensional stability, good bend recovery, and brilliant colors. 

DAMI provides professional and specialized high quality PBT toothbrush filaments to toothbrush manufacturing company. 

Here are three reasons why our PBT toothbrush Filaments are right for your company. 
1. The demand for PBT toothbrush Filaments has dramatically increased in Japan, South Korea and China since its introduction in 1999. 

2. PBT is more cost effective than Nylon toothbrush filaments without loss durability and quality. 

3. Compared with other competitors, our unique PBT Tapered toothbrush Filaments, as short as 15mm, can be manufactured for power/Electric toothbrush applications. We are constantly research and development of shorter length.

Our mission is to provide the high quality toothbrush filament products to our valued customers and to fulfill our customer’s most challenging applications. 

DAMI will continually deliver valuable products and services to you.

What is PBT toothbrush filament?PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) 

PBT toothbrush filament has excellent performance of toughness,abrasion resistance,low humidity absorption and color fasyness, And its heat-resisting performance, climate-resisting performance, electric performance and bearing electric performance are good. Because of its moisture rate is low, it’s very suitable for processing the brushes which are working in the wet environment.PBT toothbrush filament can be sterilized at extremely high temperatures, it is suitable for food-industry brushes. Comparing with Nylon 612, it’s more economical, and always being perfectly substituted in toothbrushes or cosmetic brushes.

PBT toothbrush filament Properties: -
• Excellent stiffness in wet or dry conditions 
• Excellent bend recovery 
• Low absorption in water 
• Good abrasion resistance 
• Excellent resistance to impact 
• Excellent resistance to organic solvents 
• Excellent resistance to heat 
• Excellent resistance to oxidation 
• More durability than Nylon filaments