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Dami Plastic & Metal Co Ltd is one of the top suppliers and filament one-stop providers in China Our unswerving focus on consistent quality, timely delivery, reasonable pricing and responsiveness make us the better supplier of choice to brush manufacturer worldwide

Dami Plastic and Metal Co Ltd – Specialized in Brush Filament Manufacturing

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PBT Tapered Filament for Making Cosmetic Brush

2015-04-08 10:56:05

Types Of Toothbrush Bristles-DAMI toothbrush Filament Factory from China

2014-12-25 13:23:06
Types Of Toothbrush Bristles-DAMI toothbrush Filament Factory from ChinaKeywords: toothbrush bristles, Toothbrush fila

Nylon Filament - Nylon Filament Yarn

2014-12-24 13:01:01
Nylon filament yarn, it means some fines threads made of nylon polymer assemble together to be a form of a continuous yarn, limited in length only its spool, and not cut to length A nylon filament yarn is a thin string made from a single yarn

The art of competition for abrasive brush manufacturers

2014-10-09 10:57:22
The appearance of local high quality abrasive filaments has reduced the cost barriers The technology has also been widely spread with the support of professional manufacturers Therefore, the market competition in abrasive brush industry become more and more aggressively

Manufacturing Method of Toothbrush Filaments Using Power Toothbrush

2014-03-20 09:16:25
Provided is a tapered filament for a power toothbrush made of a synthetic resin and formed with tapers at two ends thereof and a non-tapered area for tufting part of which middle is tufted into a power toothbrush, wherein an overall length is 16 to 22 mm, a length of the non-tapered area for tufting part is 4 to 12 mm, and the rest parts except for the non-tapered area for tufting part form tapers at two ends

What Are the Different Types of Toothbrush Bristles?

2014-03-11 20:53:28
Both synthetic and natural toothbrush bristle types are available today although synthetics are much more common Nylon and polyester are the main synthetic materials used for toothbrush bristles Some designer toothbrush brands feature coarse boar s hair bristles Before synthetics became the norm for toothbrush bristles, boar s and horse hair bristle types only were used Natural bristles may not be as resistant to bacteria as the synthetic kind; also, they re more likely to fall off the brush

FAQs for DAMI Abrasive Filaments

2014-03-11 20:21:20
“The best one is the most suitable one ”, which means: high quality, competitive price, meet the market demand Abrasive filaments have different properties depending on their basic nylon raw material

How to select the suitable abrasive filament?

2014-03-09 23:32:14
Focus on the work conditions, e g dry wet, wheel speed, pressure, temperature, filament length, grinding surface, processing key point, former supplier and main reason for the scraping, etc It is important to choose the suitable abrasive filament considering both price and quality factors

Does DAMI use international standard of grit size?

2014-03-09 23:30:09
DAMI uses the Chinese standard of grit size: chemical composition according to GB T2480-1996, grit size follows GB T2481 1-1998 The Chinese standard corresponds to Japanese standard JIS R6001-1998 and European standard FEPA 42GB1984,as well as German standard DIN 69101-1985 Therefore, there is no risk for our customers to use DAMI filaments

Can DAMI abrasive filaments substitute for international famous brands

2014-03-06 23:08:25
DAMI abrasive filaments can substitute for international famous brands in most industries Please check the application areas, key points of grinding process, and the work conditions of your brushes

How important is the test results of abrasive filaments

2014-03-06 23:05:27
Abrasive filament is a functional industrial consumable material DAMI believes: practice is the best verification Test results can be considered as reference Due to the particularity of this industry, there are still no standard test regulations and methods for abrasive filaments

How does DAMI control the quality

2014-03-06 23:03:27
DAMI suggests customers to order firstly small amount of samples for tryout, and then large quantity for mass production after positive test results Abrasive brushes are functional industrial consumable material Tryout is the best way to test the product DAMI documents product information as well as samples of each production batch for tracking purpose and to ensure a stable quality of DAMI filaments

How to position DAMI filaments

2014-03-06 22:57:04
①Provide the customers the best cost performance solution with DAMI products instead of simple selling of brushes ②DAMI is well experienced Please fill in the “customer questionnaire” for a better consulting and quality check ③We suggest our customers the cooperation model in 3 steps: small quantity sample orders a large order (for 3 month) a continuous orders DAMI earns customers’ trust gradually, and looks forward to long-term cooperation with win-win relationship

Which type of abrasive filament is the best?

2014-03-06 17:01:25
The best one is the most suitable one ”, which means: high quality, competitive price, meet the market demand Abrasive filaments have different properties depending on their basic nylon raw material

Introduction about DAMI Abrasive Filaments

2014-03-06 10:48:46
DAMI abrasive filaments are produced by loading abrasive grits such as silicon carbide (SIC) or aluminum oxide (AO) evenly into high-quality nylon and extruding the mixture into filaments