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PA612 Bristles | Nylon 612 Bristles | N612 brush fiber | Polyamide 612 filament

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  • 时间2019-10-18

Commodity name: PA612 Filaments | Nylon 612 Filaments| Polyamide 612 Filaments | N612 Bristles | Nylon 6.12 Bristles | Nylon synthetic bristles
Material: PA 6.12
HS code: 5404190010
Cut Length:≥25mm error 1.0mm
Standard Cut Length:1200mm
Bundle Diameter:50±2mm
Density:1.06 g/cm³
Melting Point:215~220℃
Package:PVC film
Qualifications:RoHS, REACH SVHC,SGS
Color: As your requests
Cross Section: Square, Rectangle, Cross,  Triangle, Round, Diamond,Octagon, Hollow
Application:Daily Household Use, Industry, Sanitation Industry, Personal Care, Car Wash industry, Cleaning

PA612 filament has excellent mechanical properties, impact resistance, low-temperature properties, as well as the most chemically stabile in all type of Nylon filaments. Its excellent elastic memory, good recovery, stable heat resistance and long service life generally used for processing high-class products.