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PA66 Filament | Polyamide fiber | Nylon 66 Bristles | N6 Synthetic brush bristle

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  • 时间2019-10-18

Commodity name: PA66 Filaments | Nylon 66 Filaments| Polyamide 66 Filaments | N66 Bristles | Nylon 6.6 Bristles
Material: NYLON 6.6
HS code: 5404190010
Cut Length:≥25mm error 1.0mm
Standard Cut Length:1200mm
Bundle Diameter:50±2mm
Density:1.12~1.16 g/cm³
Melting Point:235~263℃
Package:PVC film
Qualifications:RoHS, REACH SVHC,SGS
Color: As your requests
Cross Section: Square, Rectangle, Cross,  Triangle, Round, Diamond,Octagon, Hollow
Application:Daily Household Use, Industry, Sanitation Industry, Personal Care, Car Wash industry, Cleaning

PA66 filament is the heat-resistant, good low temperature performance product. And it's also able to bear chemicals and oil. Usually it’s used for comb, toothbrush, cleaning brush and industrial use, etc.