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Art Paintbrush Bristles|PBT tapered Nylon Filament for cosmetc makeup Brush

  • Product NameTaklon Orange Pbt Tapered Nylon Bristles Filament
  • ApplicationPET/PBT Nylon Tapered Brush Hair Bristles
  • Date2018-03-08

Art Paintbrush Bristles|PBT tapered Nylon Filament for cosmetc makeup Brush
Cosmetic Brush Nylon Bristle Filament| PBT tapered filaments for make up brush bristle|Artist Brush Bristle|Soft Mug Cosmetic Brush Bristles

2.Diameter:0.05mm-0.15mm(customization is available)
3.Length:25mm/30mm/35mm/40mm/45mm/50mm/55mm(customization is available)
4.Color:Pink color tips+White Color Filament body.
Single color and Double color. Colors can be customized according to customer's requirments or samples)
5.Main Feature:Soft Solid Tapered
6.Application:ARTIST BRUSH, Cosmetic Brush, Paint Brush, False Eyelash, Food Brush, Washing Brush, Face Brush ,etc.
​Colors ,Diameter and Length can be customized according to customer's samples.

What is PBT
PBT resin are melt-extruded into filaments, cooled in water, stretched, and annealed in hot-air chambers. These filaments have good dimensional stability, good bend recovery, and brilliant colors. 

Tapered bristles are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) filaments chemically treated to produce the unique tapered ends. Main applications are toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, calligraphy brushes, artists painting brushes, general painting brushes, and wigs, etc.

PBT Monofilament Properties:


PBT is a polyester monofilament developed as an economical in many applications. PBT offers you improved abrasion resistance . PBT is highly resistance to sunlight and absorbs very little water. It holds PBT filament stiffness in wet applications. It has a better abrasion resistance than polypropylene or polystyrene. PBT also has an excellent bend recovery, excellent solvent resistance and excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures,necessary for harsh conditions required for brush manufacturing.

PBT Monofilament Properties:

• Excellent stiffness in wet or dry conditions
• Excellent bend recovery
• Low absorption in water
• Good abrasion resistance
• Excellent resistance to impact
• Excellent resistance to organic solvents
• Excellent resistance to heat
• Excellent resistance to oxidation
• More durability than Nylon filaments