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NYLON PA66 Industrial Brush Filaments| Hair Comb Brush Hair|Cleaning Brush Filam

  • 品名Nylon 66 Brush Bristles
  • 用途Nylon 66 Filament for Hair Comb Brush|Industrial Brush Filaments
  • 时间2018-03-12

Nylon 66 Bristles Filament for Brushes Making
Material:PA6 / Nylon 66
Feature:Antistatic,High temperatur Resistant
Size:0.18.~1.2mm  Straight ,Crimped(Waved)

Color:37 standard colors
Binding Diameter:50±2mm


Property comparison of nylons:
Bend recovery: N6<N66<N610<N1010<N612
Water absorption: N612<N610<N1010<N66<N6

Pure nylon monofilament without abrasive is made by melting the raw material such as N612, N610, N66, N6 etc. and then extruding into filaments. Pure nylon monofilament is characterized by excellent combination property: high bend recovery, great stiffness, good durability, high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and dyeing effect, etc. It can be widely used in hair brushes, toothbrushes, cleaning brushes, as well as industrial cleaning brushes

By using different nylon raw materials, the nylon monofilaments can be made for special functions and applications, such as anti static filament, flame retardant filament, high temperature resistant filament, acid or alkali resistant filament, flagged filament, fungi-proofing filament, and aromatic filament.
Pure nylon monofilaments can be made in different cross sections: cross, polygon, etc. It can also be made as crimped or straight filaments. We provide various kinds of nylon filaments and accept OEM orders with special requirements.