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Cover Abrasive Nylon Filament|Coated Abrasive Filament

  • Product NameCover Abrasive Filament|Coated Abrasive Filament
  • ApplicationAbrasive Nylon Filament|Coated Abrasive Filament
  • Date2018-03-08

New Product: “COVER” Abrasive Filament

- Abrasive filaments are tightly integrated with a pure nylon coating, which improves its performance.
- Surface of COVER is without abrasive grits, therefore is very smooth.
- Diameter is larger: the abrasive filament core has the same diameter as standard abrasive filaments. Therefore, the total diameter of COVER is 0.1-0.2mm bigger comparing to standard types due to the nylon coating.

2、Main application advantages:
- good impact resistance, excellent durability, great break resistance
- good stiffness in both dry and wet work conditions, high grinding efficiency
- superior resistance to bending, good toughness
- excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, and aging resistance
- reduce the damage of brush manufacturing machines, suitable for automatic precision equipments
- regular items: #60,#80,#120,#180,diameter 1.0-1.80mm

3、Suitable work conditions / applications:
- high wheel speed
- high stiffness
- high temperature or work conditions with chemical solvent
- for brushes with bigger diameters and grinding with the end section of abrasive filaments
- COVER has different grinding effect comparing to standard abrasive filaments, we suggest our customers to trial with small quantity of samples and then issue large order after positive test results.
1. N612+grit type-COVER;
2. N610+grit type -COVER;
3. N6+ grit type –COVER;
Diameter: recommended to use ¢0.80-2.00mm