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N610 abrasive filament|Silicon Carbide SIC Abrasive Nylon PA610 Filament

  • Product NameSilcon Carbide Abrasive Nylon Filament
  • ApplicationN610 Abrasive Filament
  • Date2018-03-08

Silicon Carbide SIC Abrasive Nylon PA610 Filament
Base Material:PA612,PA610,PA6

Grit:Diamond/Silicon Carbide/Al2O3
Grit Mesh:36#,46#,60#,80#,120#,180#,240#,320#,500#,600#,800#, 1000#
Grit Loading:15%~30%

Binding Diameter:48±3mm

N610 abrasive filament is economical and widely used product that meets the requirements of most of the customers’ grinding processes. It is suitable for various work conditions due to its low water absorption, high bend recovery, and long durability.

With a melting point of 215℃ and a heat distortion temperature of 170℃, it is required to use cooling system under work conditions with high wheel speed and high pressure in order to increase the lifetime of N610 abrasive filaments.

Diameter: ¢0.20-2.00mm

FAQs for DAMI Abrasive Filaments

1.Q: Which type of abrasive filament is the best?
A:“The best one is the most suitable one.”, which means: high quality, competitive price, meet the market demand.
Abrasive filaments have different properties depending on their basic nylon raw material:
①N612 abrasive filament is the most expensive type with the best characters and the lowest water absorption. It is perfect to be used as key mechanical parts, in key processes, and in industries with high degree of automation or high added value.
②N6 abrasive filament is the cheapest type, which is very soft with the highest water absorption, but very good impact resistance. N6 abrasive filament is suitable for dry and soft grinding work.
③N610 abrasive filament is very economical type and has been widely used. It is suitable for slow-speed grinding, price-sensitive brushes, rapid-wearing and short-life brushes, such as: industrial brushes for stones, or PCBs.
④COVER is our new product which is suitable for brushes with bigger filament diameters and grinding with the end section of filaments. COVER shows the superior advantages such as excellent stiffness, high work efficiency, good anti-aging ability and great impact resistance.
Property comparison of nylons:
Bend recovery: N6<N66<N610<N1010<N612
Water absorption: N612<N610<N1010<N66<N6

2.A:How to position DAMI filaments?
A:Our suggestions are as follows:
①Provide the customers the best cost performance solution with DAMI products instead of simple selling of brushes.
②DAMI is well experienced. Please fill in the “customer questionnaire” for a better consulting and quality check.
③We suggest our customers the cooperation model in 3 steps: small quantity sample orders a large order (for 3 month) a continuous orders. DAMI earns customers’ trust gradually, and looks forward to long-term cooperation with win-win relationship.
④For small abrasive brushes which is considered as industrial consumable material, DAMI filaments are very suitable due to its competitive price, high quality, perfect appearance, sample policy, and easy market acceptance.
⑤For applications as key mechanical parts, the abrasive filaments from different suppliers show different stiffness and grinding efficiency. It is important to check the work conditions, adjust the manufacturing process (e.g. pressure, diameter), ensure the quality control, and trial with samples firstly then order large amount after positive test results.
⑥Based on both European and Chinese experience, DAMI abrasive filaments provide high quality, competitive price, and can be trusted.

3.Q: How does DAMI control the quality?
A: DAMI suggests customers to order firstly small amount of samples for tryout, and then large quantity for mass production after positive test results. Abrasive brushes are functional industrial consumable material. Tryout is the best way to test the product. DAMI documents product information as well as samples of each production batch for tracking purpose and to ensure a stable quality of DAMI filaments.

4.Q:How important is the test results of abrasive filaments?
A:abrasive filament is a functional industrial consumable material. DAMI believes: practice is the best verification. Test results can be considered as reference. Due to the particularity of this industry, there are still no standard test regulations and methods for abrasive filaments.

5.Q: Can DAMI abrasive filaments substitute for international famous brands?
A: DAMI abrasive filaments can substitute for international famous brands in most industries. Please check the application areas, key points of grinding process, and the work conditions of your brushes.

6.Q:Does DAMI use international standard of grit size?
A:DAMI uses the Chinese standard of grit size: chemical composition according to GB/T2480-1996, grit size follows GB/T2481.1-1998. The Chinese standard corresponds to Japanese standard JIS R6001-1998 and European standard FEPA 42GB1984,as well as German standard DIN 69101-1985. Therefore, there is no risk for our customers to use DAMI filaments.

7.Q:how to select the suitable abrasive filament?
A:focus on the work conditions, e.g. dry/wet, wheel speed, pressure, temperature, filament length, grinding surface, processing key point, former supplier and main reason for the scraping, etc. It is important to choose the suitable abrasive filament considering both price and quality factors.

8.Q:How much is the minimum order quantity?
A:DAMI filament keeps regular stock of standard items. There is no minimum order quantity for standard items. For special items, the minimum order quantity is 50kg per item.

9.Q:How long is the normal production time?
A:DAMI keeps regular stock of standard items for quick delivery. The usual production time is 10-15 days for standard items; 12-20 days for filaments with very big or very small grit size; and 3-5 days for urgent order based on both sides’ communication.

10.Q:If the packing wrap cracks by cutting process, how to deal?
A:possible cause:cutting edge is blunt. Paper wrap is not suitable especially for filaments diameter bigger than 1.20mm. We suggest our customers to use plastic film wrap instead of paper wrap.

11.Q:DAMI’s standard hank length does not fit the customer’s production requirement. It causes too much loss, how to deal?
A:For order above 100kg per item, DAMI provides custom-made hank length in order to reduce the cutting loss. We provide special hank length between 1100-1300 mm plus 15mm tolerance, to meet customers’ requirement.

12.Q:Does DAMI provides bundle cutting service?
A:yes,bundle cutting length is 50-100mm with 5% additional price charge. For very special custom-made bundle cutting length, the price is calculated according to loss amount.

13.Q:What is important to check for the take-over of DAMI filaments?
A:① check the type and item of received filament to avoid misuse;
② separate the received goods by different production batches:the color, crimp size, and diameter might be slightly different of different batches. It is better to use the filaments by separating different production batches;
③ calculate the cutting length and cutting pieces in order to avoid unnecessary waste;
④ cut from the head part of the filament hank with better quality. The end part is often warped and is a blind area for quality check;
⑤ For order quantity above 300kg, it is better to use the abrasive filaments sequenced by carton numbers in order to avoid any tiny quality difference.

14.Q:Does the net weight of each carton include the weight of packing wrap?
A:yes,the weight of packing wrap is around 25‰.

15. Q :Customer feed back about low work efficiency, how to deal?
A:“DAMI”abrasive filament has very similar work efficiency to international famous products. Please ask the customer to compare grit size, and diameter of DAMI product with former used filaments. In normal work conditions, the filaments with larger diameter and bigger grit size are more efficient. Furthermore, the density and manufacturing process of brushes can also result in different work efficiencies.

16.Q:Customer feed back the workpiece is damaged, how to deal?
A:Please investigate the damage details and the root cause. Please check if the customer is using the filaments with correct grit size and diameter.

17.Q:What is the specialty of DAMI service?
A:We insists on “customer satisfaction”. We would like to hear customer’s feedback and provide the best service.

18.Q:Can we visit your company?
A:You are welcome to meet us for business conversation. However, it is currently not allowed to visit our production. Thanks very much for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
DAMI abrasive filament is your best strategic cooperation partner.